I read recently about a professional writer.

She had taken offence at the idea that in people dreamt of starting a career like hers once they had retired.

I was taken aback by this as I recognised that this was more or less my own vision.

I’d start writing when there was finally time, and let’s see when would there be time, well once I was retired of course.

Subsequently retired people inform me that there is less time when you are retired than when you are working.

In addition the article seemed to indicate that learning writing was a lengthy process so it would be better to start early.

This blog is my journey to learn writing.

It will also bring in areas of interest to me and hopefully to you.

Areas of interest will include:

Counselling, IT security, welding, old and rusty cars, exploring new places (usually on a budget), trying new things and facing challenges.

I do find myself trying to “fix” things a lot so a number of mishaps from that behaviour are undoubtedly going to be found here.

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