For some time now I have found my blog decorated with something that detracted from the look of the site.

When I create blog pages I see this in the blog page:


This seemed to me a waste of space and I wanted to get this removed from the page.

I made an enquiry with WordPress technical support.

The feedback was that this was part of the theme design and only a custom design (at some cost) would get rid of it.

On setting up the site I spent a disproportionate amount of time selecting the “theme” (which for me is 2016).

Having spent a long time with the theme choice; I was not keen on a redesign or for the cost of having a custom design done.

If I was stuck with this – could I make better use of it than I have done to date?

It turns out that the icon is a placeholder for a Gravatar:

Gravatar is a Globally Recognised Avatar. Wherever you make a posting an icon will appear identifying that posting as belonging to you.

Given my posting history consists of one blog; this is overkill. But I have an icon on my page which I need to do something about.

The above article states that allows access to the Avatar through the settings part of the site:


In fact I access by clicking on the tiny icon at the top of the page:


Selecting this enables access to my profile and to change my Public ID and picture:


I reasoned that if I was going to do this then I should put some things about me as well:

my details

After which my blog site now appears like this:



Author: Phil Maud

Keen on privacy and IT Security. Interested in things that are broken and rusty. I use blogging to improve my writing.

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